Study options for exchange students

Study courses in English

The Faculty V of the Hochschule Hannover offers exchange students speaking English a number of courses mainly in the field of Social Work.

The courses are taught in English. The international courses are designed both for exchange and local students, so that international and German students would have the possibility to study together, exchange ideas, share experiences and learn from each other.

In addition, exchange students have the possibility to attend courses beyond their field of study: courses on presentation technique and communication skills, language courses throughout the semester, as well as an intensive German course during the orientation weeks. 


Please note that the course offer changes each semester

Study courses in German

Exchange students with a good command of German can attend courses within different fields of study (social work, religious education and social work, inclusive education). Check below the relevant course catalogue, choose the courses you are interested in and contact us to discuss the possibility to attend the chosen courses.

Bachelor degree programs in German

Social Work


The Bachelor degree program in Social Work enables students to observe critically social problems and their individual and social causes as well as develop and implement methodologically sound action concepts and strategies.


Inclusive education


Theory and practice of inclusive education are aimed at supporting the full participation of children, young people and adults in all areas of society. Required for this competences can be acquired in the program “Inclusive education and assistance”.


Religious education and social work

This BA program combines the perspectives of two fields of study - protestant religious education and social work - and focuses on analysis of similarities and differences, intersections and cooperation possibilities in the fields of religious and Christian educational, diaconal and social work.